By: Sandy Brittain

New Home versus Resale

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Are you considering the pros and cons of buying new versus used? Here are some things to consider. New homes are very appealing because you get to choose many things and customize them to your taste and needs. Often homes in new subdivisions turn over quickly. There are a number of factors, but the one I hear most often is that the floor plan wasn’t what the owner expected. It’s hard to choose a plan that you have never viewed. With a resale home you can always view the home prior to making an offer. There are additional costs associated with the purchase of new homes. Depending on the builder you may have to pave the drive, landscape, install drapery rods and towel racks, paint to cover builder’s basic colours and finished the basement. Quite often builders charge more for upgrades than it would cost you to arrange for them yourself with an outside contractor. Resale homes can require renovations also. These can be minor things like paint or major work such as kitchens and bathrooms. Lastly, there is lot size. It seems to me that lots in new subdivisions are getting smaller and smaller. In the end buying a new or resale home is an individual choice.

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